Every woman needs a dress and a woman’s wardrobe would just be incomplete without a dress. However, very woman must note that not all dresses look good or impressive on her. There are certain dresses which look good on certain body types and there are certain types of dresses which do not.

Dresses can be worn to weddings and picked out by whomever is taking care of the wedding planning; date nights with friends and your special someone; meetings with executives or clients; and even job interviews. Dresses that make engagement rings sparkle can really turn heads, for the right reasons. For all the reasons cited before and even before, here is the complete list of must-have dresses for each woman.

Little black dress

The little black dress is every woman’s favourite dress and this is also one of the most important dresses ever made. A black dress that fits you like a glove, is the perfect length and up to date in style is the best outfit to don on your date night if you want to impress that special guy. The little black dress can be worn to social gatherings, charity events, speaking engagements and even weddings. A little black dress is so versatile that it can be worn in many ways. It can be paired with a cardigan and with colourful killer high heels for a special night out.

Casual white dress

White is not everyone’s favourite colour but just like black it can be flattering on anyone. A casual white dress can be worn in a variety of ways and for numerous occasions. It looks good when worn on the beach and it can be dressed up or down. White dresses with embroidered lace looks very good on almost everyone.

Interview dress

If you want to get that job, you better dress the part. When you have a job interview for corporate job, it is a wise decision to wear more than what you would on a typical day.  The interview dress should be conservative but it should also be up to date. It should be just above the knee and it should not show too much skin or too much cleavage. The interview dress does not have to be drab now that there are more options available.

Wedding guest dress

In your lifetime you will be invited to quite a handful to weddings especially if you are a popular fellow. Having the best wedding planner Ireland has to offer makes the big day out so much more memorable, due to all the extra little touches throughout the day. The dresses you wear to weddings should be special and it should show you in the best light. Who knows, you just might find someone special on the wedding? Find one that makes you look pretty and feel great.

Social event dress

Social events can be for work or it can be entirely for pleasure. A social event might be a speaking engagement at your community club. You should have special dresses which is especially saved for such events. You want to look serious but you also do not want to take the fun out of the event and your dress. Your little black dress can also be used for this event but you might want to experiment with colour once in a while.